Who are we?

Membership in Durham Orange Preschool Association consists of Directors representing half-day, non-profit, church or synagogue  housed, early childhood programs located in Durham and Orange Counties. Our current membership includes twenty six such preschools in both Durham and Orange Counties. The Directors of the participating early childhood programs in Durham and Orange counties  meet monthly for the purpose of sharing, educating, and working with each other toward the betterment of the education of young children.

All DOPA member preschools accept children regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality or religion. We each strive to provide a warm and caring environment that is welcoming to all families. While curriculum varies from school to school, all DOPA member schools emphasize the importance of social and emotional learning, as well as learning through exploration and play. We each strive to provide an age appropriate balance between structure and play, while monitoring developmental goals and milestones.

Each DOPA preschool believes in continuing education, and as such we as a group come together to organize an annual half-day conference experience for our teachers. We bring current experts in the education field and beyond to inspire and support our teachers.

Interested in joining? Contact our current President, Rosemary Wellons, at preschooldirector@universityumc.church.

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